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Stalashen - Orca - Killer Whale

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 Stalashen - Orca - Killer Whale

Price: $90.00

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Title:  Stalashen Orca - Killer Whale

Art Type:  Print

Description:  Stalashen - Orca -Killerwhale is a highly intelligent mammal, today understood by our communities to be protected along with the oceans.  Artist Candace Campo, Shishalh Nation, has lived on the water, the Salish Sea, all of her life and has guided sea-kayak tours for 19 years.  This painting is the celebration of Stalashen.  Candace writes, "May we all stand together to protect this beautiful Creature and it's habitat.  Stalashen - Skaikos, is one of the main clans of the Shishalh (Sechelt) people.  Seeing Stalashen in it's natural environment is one of my greatest moments in my life."

Logistics:  36 x 48 inches.  Print on Canvass 

Artists:  Candace Campo, Shishalh Nation 

SKU #: Stalashen - Canvas Print

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