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Absolutely amazing experience!

Review for Stanley Park Spoken Trees Tour

Date: April 18, 2019Written by: Thomas V.From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I had a wonderful time on the Talking Trees Tour in Stanley Park. My guide, Alfonso, was fantastic! He did a great job personalizing the tour and by sharing a bit of his family's story, was able to make that emotional connection. Hearing the Raven song was incredibly powerful!

Having grown up in Vancouver, I had been to the park hundreds of times with my grandparents, but never had seen the park through the eyes of the original inhabitants. I really enjoyed learning about the many many uses of the trees, plants and berries in the park. The sustainability blew my mind and just reinforced my beliefs that we need to go back to that type of lifestyle.

I think everyone needs to go on one of Talaysay's tours in their life! It's so important that we understand what life was like and understand more of the real history of Vancouver and the surrounding area.

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