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Hummingbird and Crescent Moon

Womens | T-Shirt / Scoop-Neck

Found in: Indigenous Tribal Wear Womens T-Shirt / Scoop-Neck
 Hummingbird and Crescent Moon

Price: $25.00

Shipping Charge: $6.00
Custom Color
Dark Grey
Forest Green
Heather Grey
Kelly Green

Title:  Humming Bird and Crescent Moon

Garmet Type:  Scoop Neck T-Shirt

Description:  The Hummingbird and Crescent Moon is a memory of seeing the humming birds fly around in the summer evenings and enjoying their true beauty only to discover the emerging new moon in the background.  We live in a paradise and it is a gift to live here on the South Coast where nature still flourishes.

Logistics:  Your custom selected t-shirt depending on the shirt order can take two to three weeks.  If we have your t-shirt in house, we commit to printing it and shipping it to you immediately within the first and second weeks.  You only need to select your type of garment, colour and size and we will take it from their.  Thank you for purchasing Talaysay Tribal Wear and allowing the joy of making art.  

Artists:  Candace Campo and Lizanne van der Walt, a collaborative piece.  



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