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Talking Totems Tour - Art, History and Culture (Private - small groups)

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 Talking Totems Tour - Art, History and Culture (Private  - small groups)

Meeting Location

Stanley Park Totem Poles

Price: $500.00/per group

Location: Stanley Park
Duration: 45 minutes
Min/Max: 8 to 10 people
Multi-day: No
Scheduled: Yes

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Title: The Talking Totems Tour - our art, our history our worldview.

Type of Tour:  Outdoor Indigenous Art History Tour (very little walking, (100 metres/yards) centralized at the Vancouver, Stanley Park Totem site.)

Tour Description: Our art tells our story through legends depicted throuh cedar wood carvings.  Our art codifys our laws, documents our history and signifies our inherant connections to each other within tribes, clans and lineages.  Our art tells the stories of our ancestors, visually highlights our values and worldview, and tells of our spiritual connection to the land.  

On Talking Totems we share  with you our indigenous stories and legends as depicted through our welcome poles, gateways and sculptures.  You will enjoy learning the history of the Coast Salish peoples who have lived in Stanley Pakr and Vancouver for millennia and further discouver the rich diversity of Indigenous Peoples who lived throughout the Northwest Coast.  Explore the different styles of totem poles and their distinct purposes, encompassing our laws, lineages, history, & memorial practices.  Not to be missed, the vibrant stories of Kalkalath (Wild Woman), the stories of the first explorers and settlers, our feast ceremonies know today as the Potlach, and our Salish cultural protocols of welcoming.  

Talking Totems is a program designed to accomodate groups operating on a tight schedule who would like to enjoy a comprehensive cultural enriched indigenous art and histoy experience.

Your guide is an Indigenous Cultural Ambassador, highly trained cultural guide and art historian-practitioner in Indigenous Art.  

This is a group tour and the base rate for 8 to 10 guests is $500.00.  Any additional guests above 10 people will be an additional $50.00

Custome Date: can be planned in advance to suite your schedule by co-selecting a date and time based on your preferenced.  

Safety Policy:  Our company follows all covid safety practices and procedures.  We invite all guests to wear masks and recommend our guests to use hand sanitizer before and after the tour.   If indviduals within your group have colds symptoms, we ask that guest(s) to join us at other time and we will happily reschedule them at a later date. If our guides have any systoms they will be replaced by another guide for your safety.  If there is no replacement, we will be required to reschedule due to the existing safety protocols during the covid situation.

Cancellation Policy:

Group Cancellation:

Cancellation 10 days prior to tour date. 

25% will be collected for administrative fees. 

Within 10 Days of the tour date 100% Non-Refundable. 

COVID Polices:  Our company maintain and adheres to the COVID policies, best practices and safety procedures. 





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