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Virtual - Talking Trees Tour - Student

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 Virtual - Talking Trees Tour - Student

Price: $27.00/per person

Location: Custom Location - Pre Approved
Duration: 1.5 hrs
Min/Max: 22 to 100 people
Multi-day: No

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Company:    Talaysay Tours

Goal:            To support learners to connect to nature, self, community, spirit. 

Motto:          We are the land, and the land is us! 

Curriculum:  Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Tour Title  –        Virtual Talking Trees Tour for Students (Elementary and or Secondary only)

Your activity:      Virtual Talking Treasures -   How our Salish People utilize the forest for food, medicine and technologies.  Focus on mixtures.                               

Date of Tour:   (with advance planning we can work on customizing your tour start time.)                           

Start Time:        10 am or 1:00 pm (We can modify the time if we can maintain the option of providing a program in the morning and afternoon.)

Duration:           90 minutes

Includes:            Indigenous Ambassador-Guide  and Co-Guide - Education / Camera Person

Rate:                   $22 per student plus gst   (Elementary and Secondary Student Group Rate).  

                           This rate is only applicable to 20 or more students/participants

                           Our minimum rate is $440 plus gst for 20 or less students. 

How to book your tour:  We ask our Teachers to confirm in advance your number of participants, and to schedule a firm date and time.  You are confirmed when you either pay for your program on-line or finalizing a rate and invoice in advance.  

What your tour includes:  A cultural ambassador guide and a camera person.  Sometimes our trained camera person is also a guide and they too will participate and teach.  You will receive your zoom link in advance.  Your Zoom Link  will include a Passcode. 

Cancellation Policy:  We are a small company, we pay insurance and pay our contract guides professional-living wages advance.  If you cancel after the 7 day cancellation policy there will be no reimbursement as we are required to pay our contractors in full who have committed to this date and time.  We have also potentially turned down other business to accommodate your classes’ program with us.


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