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Virtual - Coast Salish Story and Song Workshop

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 Virtual - Coast Salish Story and Song Workshop

Price: $27.00/per person

Location: Custom Location - Pre Approved
Duration: 1 hr
Min/Max: 20 to 30 people
Multi-day: No

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The Power of story.  Stories continue to be shared by Indigenous people to convey history, communicate social teachings and cultural code, teach the younger generations about the history and our connections and responsibility to the land.  This workshop is designed for secondary students with an extended period of 90 minutes.

Workshop Structure

Location:  ZOOM  - Online

Lead Teacher provides the curriculum connections in advance that you would like incorporated.  Our team will research, plan and incorporate  into the workshop to be delivered in your classroom.   We will provide an outline to you with the stories that will be delievered in the classroom.

What Happens on the Day of the Workshop:

Storyteller - Cultural Ambassador - will be at a seperation location.

Date of Tour:    we can best accomodate your class when booked in advance

Duration:  1 hr       

The on-line booking system will provide a time.  These times can be accomodated to meet your session block schedule.  

Rate:  $22 per student with 20 or more students.  Base rates apply.

Talaysay Rates:  2023 - 2024 (Please read carefully)

We thank you for your recognition that we are an independent indigenous company.  We pay all expenses related to a company, inlcuding team training and education, operational costs; insurance and professional living wages to our ambassador-guide, educators.   
Our rates are reduced by 65% to accomodate the public education system.  Further negotiation to reduce rates further are not a possibility. 

Candace T. Campo and Larry Campo - Aboriginal Eco Tours & Talaysay Tours

Materials:   photos, books, maps, drums, classpers, cedar, regalia and cultural artifacts are brought to class.

Coast Salish Indigenous Songs: interactive; students are included

  • Intro Song: is selected by the story steller to meet and greet the class

Stories to Select from:

  • The Life History of our People.  The Story Teller will share their families oral history to convey history through persoal account.
  • How Human (Skalamixw came to live by himself). 
  • Creation Story – shishalh people – The Gift of Life teaches children about Coast Salish concepts of land, family, in-generational cooperation, community cohension, education and interconnectedness.
  • How Raven Stole the Light– Liwat/Sechelt/Squamish people teaches students the values of 
  • The Cree and the Blackfoot Peace Treaty.
  • Potlatch Creek - Howe Sound- The South and the North form Peace
  • The Small Pox Epidemic – The Kwakwaka’wakw aide the Haida in their time of need
  • Kalkalath - Wildwoman of the Mountains. 
  • Any stories being already incorporated into your class can be included. 

Class Inquiry and discussion is added after each story is shared.  The teacher can elect to present critial question- inquiry.  

Classroom management is the role of the teacher.  The Talaysay Cultural Ambassador is trained to promote and sustain active listening but will not discipline and or address behavior matters in your class.

Your workshop includes indigenous tea.  Time at the end of the class will be assigned for for questions, comments and inquiries.   


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