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The History of Indigenous Education and Resisdential School

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 The History of Indigenous Education and Resisdential School

Price: $40.00/per person

Location: Custom Location - Pre Approved
Min/Max: 15 to 40 people
Multi-day: No
Scheduled: Yes

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Duration:  90 minutes

Location:  tbd

Rate:        $40 per person plus gst plus $50.00 mileage for travel to your school

Facilitator:  Indigenous Elder/Talaysay Tours Cultural Ambassador Guide

Date:        tba.   Time:        tba     Duration:  tba

Sytle:       Workshop Presentation, Question and Inquiry Period to be incorporated

Workshop Title:  The History of Indigenous Education and the Impacts and Resistance of Indian Residential School 

·      Formal welcoming and Traditional Indigenous Song 

The worldview and diversity of Indigenous society and educational practices - master - apprentice centred, spiritual and social constructs

·       Explore the early history of Canada, more specifically our local region and community (Vancouver)    

·       Contract, Colonization, Impacts and Resistance - policies and practices

·       our stories and perspectives

·       A closer look at:

·       Residential School, Day School, Public School, Post-Secondary and the Inclusion of First Nations Students

·       The Day and Life of an Indigenous Post-Secondary Student - funding, policies, challenges

·       First Nations communities today.  Cultural Resurgence and Language Revitalization

·       Best Practices and our goals for tomorrow.  Changing the conversation.  

·       Discussion and Group Inquiry:  What it could look like.    



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