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Talking Totems Virtual Private Tour

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 Talking Totems Virtual Private Tour

Price: $750.00/per group

Location: Stanley Park
Duration: 1 hr.
Min/Max: 20 to 100 people
Multi-day: No
Scheduled: 17th June at 2:30pm

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Did you know, the Stanley Park Totem Park was established in 1920 and is representative of 5 distinct cultures on the Northwest Coast of Britist Columbia and Washington.  As proud descendents of our Salish people, trained cultural ambassadors, we would like to introduce you to the stories, art and legends of the Salish peoples' who have lived in Vancouver and Stanley Park for thousands of years.  Each totem, sculpture, gateway has a distinct story, purpose, legend.  The people who carved the Totems, represent a rich and immense diversity with common technological practices and use of the sacred cedar tree.  We are people who lived on these lands for thousands of years. 


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