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Talaysay Tours - Love the Land (Rainbow)

Women | T-Shirt / Crew Neck

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 Talaysay Tours - Love the Land (Rainbow)

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Title:  Talaysay Tours - Love the Land

Description:  Talaysay Tours - Love the Land is a calling to all people to learn, love and connect to the land.  Our people, Coast Salish and Northwest Coast Indigenous peoples' truly believe that we are the land and the land us all and that we are all One: We are all related and we are connected to the land and each other.  

Rainbow:  We love colour and the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo.  The rainbow is a celebration of life, diversity and unqiueness in all spectrums.  Talaysay Tours is an allie of Rainbow Love and all of the Rainbow people.  We are proud members of the Rainbow Tribe and we stand for love and acceptance of all beings and all forms of love in it's many expressions.   #LGBTQI

Logistics:  Select your t-shirt colour, size, and garmet style and we will print and ship to you asap.  If you have selected a shirt or custom colour that is not in stock, we will order your shirt immediately and this order can take 7-10 days.  Upon recieving we will print and mail to you so please know that your custom shirt, custom design is on it's way and could be 2-3 weeks with mail delievery but will will aim to have it to you sooner.  

Rate:  $35 Cnd

Artist:  Candace Campo, Talaysay Tribal Wear


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