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LARGE ONLY - Every Child Matters - Orange Shirts (Unisex Style)

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 LARGE ONLY - Every Child Matters - Orange Shirts (Unisex Style)

Price: $25.00

Shipping Charge: $4.50



If we sell out of this design, we will replace with our new design Solidarity which is the hand holding the feather in the circule with Every Child Matters Text.
Theme:  Every Child Matters - Unisex Sizes 
Type:     sof mock and heavy cotton crew neck - gildan shirt 
Colour:  orange
Deisgn by Candace Campo Talaysay Apparel and Michael Jackson NDN Silkscreen
We have printed a new design for this season.  The eye of the creator symbol is a symbol of peace in our culture.  
In Salish Culture when another person or group arrived at your waters, they would display the eye of the Creator on 
one side of their paddle and was seen as the symbol of peace.  
Text:  Every Child Matters - to honour the children who attended residential schools throughout Canada and the US.
Rate per shirt:  $25.00  plus shipping 
Thank you so much for supporting Orange Shirt Day and the family of whose parents and grand-parents, including my own,  attended Residential School.
If you have a group order their is another link on this page for group orders.  The shipping is adjusted for your order.
Please note that this time of the year we have limited shirts and we invite you to email us at before you purchase your order online.
We also do tie dye and communication and coordination is required and we again ask you to email us if you want tie dye.  All orders are managed by order of date.
Proceeds are shared with  Indian Residential School Survivors Soceity (IRSSS) 
Candace Campo
We are an indigenous owned company and our staff and team that make these teeshirts are all indigenous.  We partner with companies NDN Silkscreening, Michael Jacko.  


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