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Frog Man

Men | Hoodies / Pull-Over

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 Frog Man

Price: $50.00

Custom Color
Dark Grey
Forest Green
Heather Grey
Kelly Green

Title:  Frog Man aka Thinking Frog 

Garmet Style:  Hoodie (Pullover) 

Type:  Men's or Woman's 

Description:  Artist, Candace Campo, drew a frog in the image of a man.  Northwest Coast and Coast Salish Culture strongly identify with the frog as a clan member and a special being.  Many groups attribute the frog to be a messenger of the environment for when it croaks in the spring it is time to put the winter ceremony away and begin the season of gathering.  When the frog stops croaking in the late fall we know it is time again to resume ceremony and complete preparation for winter ceremony.  

Logistics:  Your custom selected t-shirt depending on the shirt order can take two to three weeks.  If we have your t-shirt in house, we will print it and ship it to you immediately within the first and second week.  You only need to select your type of garment (hoodie or hoodie with zipper), colour and size and we will take it from their.  Thank you for purchasing Talaysay Tribal Wear and providing us the the joy of making art.  

Candace Campo, shishalh Nation 

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