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Private VSB - Virtual Spoken Treasures Tour - On-line

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 Private VSB - Virtual Spoken Treasures Tour - On-line

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This tour is delivered through the Zoom App. The Link and Passcode are provided in advance.

Price: $900.00/per group

Location: Stanley Park
Duration: 75 minutes
Min/Max: 25 to 40 people
Multi-day: No
Scheduled: September 25 2020

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 Talaysay Tours – Virtual Spoken Treasures Tour

 We invite you to join us, Talaysay Tours, on our VSB Private Spoken Treasures Tour.  

Your activity:      Virtual Spoken Treasures - the history of Vancouver &   

                               Stanley Park through Indigenous eyes

Date of Tour:    September 25 2020

Start Time         11:45 am      End Time:   1:00 pm

                        12:00 pm      End Time:   1:15 pm 

Duration:            75minutes

Map Link:           Please view our digital map two view the location site of

                             The tour:  Click here to see our map


Includes:             Indigenous  Ambassador-Guide  and Professional Camera Person

Location:            Stanley Park Information Booth, 715 Stanely Park, Vancouver BC               

What you need to know: 

We want you to enjoy your Virtual tour with us.  You will receive a Zoom Link in advance and you need to create an account with  Zoom  if you do not already have the app.  It is free.  You do not have to pay for it for this Virtual Tour:

How to download Zoom,   You can go onto Youtube to get Zoom tutorials.  We recommend it if you are new to Zoom.  You will discover how easy it is. 

New to  Zoom participants you need to familiarize yourself with the App.  We encourage you to register days before and not just before the tour start time.    Upon purchase of your Virtual Tour, we will send you the itinerary with the Zoom Link and Passcode.  When you click on the Zoom Link, please do so 15 minutes prior to the tour start.  Note,  you must put in the Passcode provided.  It is required to join this tour. 

What your link will look like when we send it to you. 

This is an example only with numbers blocked as it is only an example:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 8X7 7X46 4X67

Passcode: 2X66X5   (this is an example only of a passcode you type in upon signing in)

You will get your own passcode for your schedule virtual tour.

Login Policy:

When you login in, please mute your audio as background noise, that we all experience in our homes and offices, will be picked up by the other guests.  No judgement, we all live in community.  Even if you live alone, outside noise, traffic etc. can be heard by the on-line group.  You can unmute you mic at the last 15 minutes of the virtual tour when the guide or camera person cues you and we will have a discussion period with comments and questions.   


On the day of the tour your Talaysay guide and camera person will be on site to share your tour live via Zoom.  Our camera person will accept your login invite and the login needs to be done before the tour starts.  If you join late, due to the camera person being responsible for the filming of the tour that has already started, you will miss the tour.  There are no reimbursements for the tour.  Our team will work to have you join a later virtual tour when there is space available.  Only people preapproved and paid are permitted to join this tour.  If it is a complimentary tour, you need to be pre-approved by our Talaysay Team.  Thank you. 

This tour is interactive and guests can dialogue and ask questions at the end of the tour.  We ask of our guests to maintain a professional and respectful language space for each other.  Thank you in advance for your commitment to sharing time and space with each other. 

If you are a private group and this is your custom tour, you can inform us in advance if you would like to dialogue and have ability to ask questions from start to finish.  Inform us and we will change the settings. 

We truly appreciate your feedback and support:  Your experience is very important to us.  If you had technical difficulties, please email us and we will problem solve with you.  If you have feedback regarding our tour delivery it would be greatly appreciated.  We would like to invite you

Warmest regards,

Candace Campo

Talaysay Tours & Aboriginal Eco Tour

Vancouver Line:  604-628-8555 Toll Free Line:  1-800-605-4643 (on-line booking)  














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