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Talking Totems - Art Walk - Stanley Park

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 Talking Totems - Art Walk - Stanley Park

Meeting Location

Stanley Park Totem Pole Park Location: Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4 Map Link:

Price: $50.00/per adult

Location: Stanley Park
Duration: 1 hr
Min/Max: 4 to 10 people
Multi-day: No

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Tour Description:
Talking Totems Indigenous Art Tour - Stanley Park
We invite you to join us for a culturally enriched Talking Totems Indigenous Art Tour in Stanley Park. This select, in person, signature tour is designed for the art enthusist and appreciator of the historical and contemporary indigenous art community. You guide, cultural-ambassador, also a trained Indigenous artist, and a member of the local Salish tribes, will share the rich stories, styles and practices of Indigenous Art here on the North West Coast. The totems in the park represent so many diverse North West Coast cultures and the totems, welcome figures and sculptures share the rich stories of the peoples' who have lived in this region from time inmemorial.  This Talking Totems tour, located right on site at the Stanley Park Totem Park,  provides an introduction and comprehensive profile of Salish and Northwest Coast Indigenous Art, the People, our Stories and World views.

Did you know, the Stanley Park Totem Park was established in 1920 and is representative of 5 distinct Indigenous cultures on the Northwest Coast of British Columbia and Washington. As proud descendants of our Salish people we we have so much to share. Book today!

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Location:  Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

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