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Talaysay's VIRTUAL Talking Trees Tour

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 Talaysay's VIRTUAL Talking Trees Tour

Meeting Location

This is a virtual tour via Zoom. Your guides will be sharing this Tour with you from the McClean Bay, on the Shishalh Lands #28.

Price: $30.00/per person

Location: Custom Location - Pre Approved
Duration: 90 minutes
Min/Max: 1 to 20 people
Multi-day: No
Scheduled: June 11 2020 at 1 pm

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Title:  Talking Trees By the Bay

Date of Tour:  June 11 2020

Start Time:             1 pm           Duration:  1.5 hrs


  • Coast Salish Song
  • How Our Salish People utilize the forest for food, medicine and technology.  
  • How to identify local indigenous west coast plants.
  • When the tide is out, the table is set - a discussion on the Salish Sea and how it sustains us.
  • Traditional Salish - Shishalh stories.


This is a virtual cultural experience, via Zoom. Your Talaysay guides-ambassadors will take you on a virtual forest and ocean tour and share and teach the rich stories and history of the land while you learn how the trees and plants are used by indigenous people for both food and medicine.  Learn to identitfy  plant and sea plant species  so when you venture into the forest and onto the beach you too will know what is edible, medicinal and adaptable for technology.  

Join us and take a cultural journey onto and into the land.  

You require Zoom to join this tour.  

For all participants to enjoy this on-line tour, we ask that all participants keep your speaker on mute and when we have interactive questions and discussion at the last 15 minutes of the tour, we will invite you to unmute your speaker so that we can chat.  

You are welcome to type conversation and or questions.  Your guide may or may not see the questions while guiding but we will be sure to address them at the end of the tour. 


Suggested Rate:  $  30 (Community Rate)

You can also pay by e-transfer at  If you can not afford the rate at this time, we would be very happy if you can join us.  You can access this tour via the zoom link:


Best Practices:  In our online experience, we ask all participants and guides  to be respectful and concientious of your language.  It is most enjoyed when all participants have a chance to ask a question or comment.  We invite your feedback always.   If you have a matter to discuss regarding your experience on this tour, you are most welcome to email and or contact the owner/operator Candace Campo after the tour at 1-800-605-4643 (Toll Free) or 504-628-8555 (Vancouver line)


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