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Spoken Treasures - Totem Walking Tour (Group Tour)

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 Spoken Treasures - Totem Walking Tour (Group Tour)

Meeting Location

House of Hehiwus. The address is 5555 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Sechelt, BC, V0N 3A0. Your tour starts at the tem swiya Museum and will continue through the shíshálh First Nation Community to view the 16 different totems and sculptures.

Price: $160.00/per group

Location: Sechelt
Duration: 1.5 hours
Min/Max: 12 to 20 people
Multi-day: No

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Tour Description:  Our  art, stories, history, & our community today – Spoken Treasures!   Northwest Coast and Coast Salish art define and express a rich history, worldview and tribal way of living for our people, the shíshálh (Sechelt) First Nations.    We invite you to join us as we journey our village via a leisure walk to view the Northwest Coast totems, stone sculptures and historical buildings and sculpted monuments.  What better way to learn the local history, lore and current events then by the friendly local peole who have lived here for millennia.  

The shíshálh people, a Coast Salish tribe, have had indigenous self-government for 30+ years. Our people have inter-married with other First Nations and Canadians up and down the Northwest Coast, resulting in rich diverse culture and  art that conveys our interconnectedness & relationship to the land.

This tour includes a local guide and cultural ambassador who will provide interpretation of the history of Sechelt, and discuss our clans, legends and stories of the people as expressed through our totems, welcome figures and sculptures.  Highlights include the history of contact, the revitalization of culture, art, and the fascinating tales of Emily Carr and her visits to our shíshálh  village during the 1930’s.  Aboriginal Tea is included.

 Time:  Morning:         10 am to 11:30 am

            Afternoon:       12 pm to 1:30 pm

                                  2 pm   to 3:30 pm

Duration:  1.5 hours

Per Group of Four:      $160.00

Cost Breakdown:          $40/pp;  

April to August Dates:  Monday through to Sunday (7 days a week).  Book 7 days in advance.

September to March Dates:  Wednesday to Sunday

Guide:  Candace Campo, shishalh cultural ambassador guide, anthropologist and teacher. 

The duration of this tour is approximately 1.8 km.  The level is moderate.

Group Size:   Minimum:  4    Maximum:  20

This is a group tour program.  Advanced booking is required.  

What to bring:

Please ensure to wear comfortable walking shoes and or runners. 

Dress for the weather.  Hats, sunglasesses and sunscreen on sunny days.   We do tours on light rainy days.  Jackets with water resistant protection, a cap or hat or small umbrella will do you just fine. If you do not have an umbrella let us know and we can provide you one.


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