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 INTO THE NIGHT:  Kayak Tour

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16660 Backeddy Rd, Egmont, BC V0N 1N0

Price: $85.00/per person

Location: Egmont
Duration: 1 hr
Min/Max: 3 to 8 people
Multi-day: No

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Company:  Metta Eco - Experiences

Tour Title:  Into the Night:  Full Moon or Bioluminescence and Sunset Tours

dates based on weather and the Moon cycle - 3 hrs

These are night tours, or Sunset Tours that focus on safety and fun as we experience the Oceans unqiue way that few have had the opportunity to enjoy.

The silience opens our senses as we glide through the water almost as if we are flying.  On the Full Moon Tour the moonlight guides us as we connect with the dusk and nocturnal world.  The Bioluminescence Tour gives us a surreal experience.  Living organisms emit light that causes the water to glow, our paddles and boat, as well as any movement in the ocean accent this offering, a dance of light as we paddle in darkness.  This is a beautiful way to connect with the mysteries and wonders of nature. 

Guide:  Greg Rushton



Meta Eco Experiences

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