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Talking Trees Tour Hike with Catered Salmon Lunch on the North Shore

Review for Stanley Park Spoken Trees Tour

Date: April 4, 2019Written by: Ocean Blu8From: Portland, Oregon, USA

Wow! I had the honour of joining in on this beautiful and informative tour. Candace Campo is an expert knowledge holder. I've lived in the Vancouver area my entire life and I was happy to learn more about the local Indigenous history, stories and culture. We need to better understand where we walk and what lands are under our feet. Candace is lovely and funny. You can't beat the gorgeous hike and views that you will see and appreciate. The lunch was so yummy too. I highly recommend this hike for locals and for the out of town folks. IT'S A MUST! Thank you again, Candace.

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Informative and heartfelt

Review for Talking Trees Tour - Indigenous Walk in Stanley Park in Vancouver

Date: March 30, 2019Written by: Rick DickulousFrom: Athens, Greece

Our cultural ambassador Alfonso was very open, friendly, and informative. We would highly recommend it even if you've been to Stanley Park before. This tour is about the culture, history, and technology of the first nations people, it's not about a tour of Stanley Park.

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A Must if Visiting Vancouver and even for Locals!

Review for Talking Trees Tour Hike: Bannock, Berries and Salmon

Date: March 21, 2019Written by: Shabs62From: Aarhus, Denmark

This was an incredible experience and a wonderful window into the Indigenous history of our city. Candace is a skilled guide and has deep and interesting knowledge. And the salmon meal was delicious. I'd highly recommend this tour.

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Super nice way to know about the land

Review for Talking Trees - Indigenous Interpretive Walk - Porpoise Bay Provincial Park

Date: March 18, 2019Written by: YunningFrom: Beijing, China

The guide Talaysay is fantastic. She knows a lot about the forest, the land and the culture. I am searching for this kind of travel experience for a while. I am glad I meet Talaysay, the tour is not just about the knowledge, which of course is erudite, it's more about the attitude toward to plants that how indigenous people treat to their history and mother nature. I really enjoy the trip!

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Wonderful way to learn more about Vancouver!

Review for Talking Trees Tour - Indigenous Walk in Stanley Park in Vancouver

Date: February 13, 2019Written by: Felicity FFrom: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

As a Vancouver resident, I really loved the chance to learn some of the history of the Coast Salish peoples as well as the uses of local plants. This traditional knowledge gives me such respect for the land I live on the people who have been its stewards since time immemorial. Candace was a kind and knowledgeable guide and she makes delicious tea to boot!

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Fascinating and Informative

Review for Talking Trees Tour - Indigenous Walk in Stanley Park in Vancouver

Date: February 11, 2019Written by: Chris JFrom: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

We were fortunate to have Candice for our guide. She is patient and her passion for her job shines through. The tour was provided in a highly interactive manner, allowing us to ask questions as we went along. We not only learned a great deal about the Northwest coast trees and plants but about the local indigenous cultures and their way of life. It was a cold winter morning (rare for Vancouver) so we really enjoyed the traditional tea. There’s a lot of walking so wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.

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Talking Trees tour with Alfonso

Date: February 3, 2019Written by: Edan MFrom: , British Columbia, Canada

We were lucky enough to be the only two people on this tour, which allowed us to get to know Alfonso just a little bit more than we likely would have had the group been larger. It was a true pleasure to hear him share his history, knowledge, and thoughts during our tour. We very much enjoyed the time we spent, and the conversation, but it felt like we barely scratched the surface on a deep and complex history of this area and the local First Nations People. Highly recommended.

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Very knowledgeable guide

Date: February 1, 2019Written by: ElkeFrom: , British Columbia, Canada

We really enjoyed the tour with our knowledgeable guide Candace. She explained different plants and trees to us, gave us an overview about indigenous peoples lives here in Canada and answered all of our questions. We are very happy that we had her as our guide and would have liked to keep on talking to her for many more hours. Thank you again Candace!

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Eye-Opening Experience

Review for Talking Trees - Indigenous Walking Tour

Date: January 30, 2019Written by: StephanieFrom: Glasgow, Scotland

The walking tour with Candace was incredibly eye-opening. I have visited Vancouver many times and been to Stanley Park every time I was in the city. I thought I had seen it all - but how wrong I was. Walking through the forest with Candace showed me look at the trees, plants, and wildlife with new eyes. Candace was a wealth of knowledge, happy to answer all my questions about the plant life in the pacific northwest but also about indigenous cultures across all of Canada. I would heartily recommend this tour to anyone looking to have a new point of view in Vancouver.

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Great tour guide!

Date: January 30, 2019Written by: PalomaFrom: Seattle, Washington, USA

I was in Vancouver for the weekend and decided to take a tour around Stanley park since many people told me the park was a must go. My tour guide Candace was amazing explaining the history of the area and sharing parts of the culture. My favorite part was definitely the totems and the story of the giant woman. Definitely recommend it if you want more than just a walk in the park.

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