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Talaysay Tours Highly Recommended!

Review for Talking Totems

Date: June 1, 2023Written by: Doreen FitzpatrickFrom: Hatboro, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA

We booked Talaysay Tours Talking Totems Art Walk, History & Culture tour for our first day in Vancouver. We knew we would see many examples of Indigenous art in the galleries and museums that we would visit while in Vancouver, and we thought this tour in beautiful Stanley Park would be an excellent introduction. We met in the area of the totems. Our tour leader, Seraphine, and her assistant, Daniel, were very informative and we learned so much about the art, stories, and culture of the Northwest Coast peoples. There was also time at the end of the presentation for our questions. This tour enhanced our trip to Vancouver, and it is highly recommended.

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Meeting my city ... again!

Review for Spoken Tours - History of Vancouver

Date: July 29, 2020Written by: TammyFrom: Vancouver, BC, Canada

It was great to be greeted by Wes, his thoughtful spirit brought a new insight to a city I have most of my life living in! To hear the names and original uses of the areas surrounding the sea wall I know I will carry that in my walks throughout the park!

His voice was full of compassion for knowledge he carries about the way of life before the cityscape built up. the sharing of the song that carried woman back and worth across the water was truly heart felt!

Thank you sharing the knowledge of the beautiful land I so love!

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Stanley Park Field Trip Accelerated the Learning Objectives For My Grade 1 & 2 Students

Review for Talking Trees Tour - Indigenous Walk in Stanley Park in Vancouver

Date: September 18, 2019Written by: J. CurtisFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

We recently took our grade 1 and 2 combined class on a walking tour with Talaysay Tours in Stanley park. As a new teacher, I had many questions about what to expect for our class of 20 students. Our correspondence began in late November and I always received detailed responses in a timely manner which is so appreciated when you are juggling a teacher’s schedule. Talaysay Tours provided top quality customer care and was very supportive in creating an experience to best support the desired learning outcomes for my class.

Our two guides met our group of 20 students and 6 adults in Stanley park at our agreed spot in perfect timing and had already spent time checking our route for the day to assure our safety and quality of experience. My students listened so carefully while our guides combined legend, science, local First Nation’s traditional knowledge, music, and their personal family stories at a variety of sights through the park. Even though I have been coming to Stanley Park my whole life and consider myself to be fairly well educated, the majority of what was shared with us that day was completely new information. All of the adults on the tour live in downtown Vancouver and we all agreed that we had not been able to see Stanley park in this way before Talaysay shared this wonderful journey with us.

At school, I had been trying to guide my students to learning about how we are connected to the natural world and to the place we live in. The one hour and thirty minutes we spent with our guides accelerated our learning in that context in way that I had not yet been able to. The mind maps we have collectively made since our experience with Talaysay Tours have been very impressive. I am very grateful to Talaysay for providing the great service of sharing local First Nations stories and knowledge that I might not otherwise have access to as a Canadian with European heritage.

I hope to be able to take my class on this experience every year, and would highly recommend this field trip experience for any age group from Kindergarten through grade 12. Talaysay Tours is skilled at working with teachers to create the experience that best suits the needs of your class. I am attaching some of the work that my students produced as a reflection of our tour. Also, the photos were taken by my students using the few mini iPads that we brought along to record our journey.

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A wonderful look at Stanley Park from a First Nations perspective

Review for Talking Trees Tour - Indigenous Walk in Stanley Park in Vancouver

Date: June 12, 2019Written by: Banfield B.From: Chicago, Illinois, USA

I loved the Talking Trees tour! Alfonso was our guide and not only showed us the different trees and plants, but related their use by the First Nations people who lived in the area first. I got to eat a wild salmonberry off the stalk and saw a Douglas Squirrel, not to mention an enormous yellow slug (we don't have giant slugs where I live)! The company was very helpful when they cancelled my reservation accidentally. This should be a must for everyone visiting Stanley Park.

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You Must Experience This Tour in Stanley Park

Review for Talking Trees Tour - Indigenous Walk in Stanley Park in Vancouver

Date: June 5, 2019Written by: B. MalberFrom: Washington, DC, USA

Had a great time learning about various trees, plants, and wildlife as well as the First Nations in and around Vancouver, BC. Tyrone was an amazing tour guide and was very knowledgeable!

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Very informative tour upon tour

Review for Stanley Park Tour

Date: June 4, 2019Written by: Nomad23From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Very knowledgeable, Talasay Tours made us feel so welcomed into there group like if they knew us for years and brought on us our tours like if we were old friends catching up.

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Wonderful Tour

Review for Stanley Park Interpretive Walking Tour

Date: May 28, 2019Written by: Dianek MFrom: Berlin, Germany

We loved hearing stories of the First Nation people. Our guide, Alfonso, was great.

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Great tour of Great Guides

Review for Talking Trees Tour - Indigenous Walk in Stanley Park in Vancouver

Date: May 20, 2019Written by: R. HyshFrom: Sydney, Australia, Canada

Really informative tour with fantastic guides. We learnt a lot about the plants in the park, uses for the plants and got to sample a few of them ourselves. Would recommend!

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Amazing Tour - Highly Recommended

Review for Stanley Park Tour

Date: May 6, 2019Written by: Planet Is My HomeFrom: New York, British Columbia, USA

I participated in this tour and it was amazing! Candace and Tyler are wonderful guides, giving inside information about their indigenous culture in a fun and intelligent way! It is a tour where walking and talking is well balanced, and I learned incredibly much about the indigenous way of life. Candace and Tyler are explaining well, taking and answering questions and are very nice and fun people. I highly recommend this tour!

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Times Past / Times Ahead

Review for Stanley Park Spoken Trees Tour

Date: May 1, 2019Written by: EmmyFrom: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

It was again, a pleasure joining the Spoken Treasures tour for my second time introducing visiting guests to Vancouver. With years of appreciation for our First Nations people and now living in Vancouver I embrace the historical traditions of all peoples. With that, embracing the cultural importance of the past and into our future.

Our guide Alfonso shared the treasures of this by capturing the images of times past. He has evolved in his teachings and represents well the importance of sustainability in times ahead. I look forward to arranging other tours you provide with friends and family.

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